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Charles R. Columbus Ga

Thank you for all your help on my custody case. My X was dating several guys, two of which were known drug dealers. They were spending the evenings at her apartment while my kids were there. The video of the apartment with all those folks coming and going really went a long way in convincing the judge to award me full custody of my two girls. I am hopeful that she can again become the Mother that I remember for the sake of our children. Thank you again. 

Carol L. Montgomery Al.

Thanks for all your help with my son. The accident that he was involved in was bad enough but the wrongful death lawsuit made it even worse. Thank you for proving that that my son was not at fault. My heart goes out to the other family. My son continues to heal and thanks you as well.

Chad W.Alabama

Mr. Taylor,
Just a quick note of thanks to you, and to your company. I just left my final divorce hearing and I could not be more pleased with the results. The evidence that you obtained and presented was, to quote my attorney, “spot on.” The photographs that you presented showed that I was the best choice for custodial parent. The Judge awarded me primary custody. This has been a long and hard fought case and I appreciate all of your diligence and hard work. Once again thank you from the bottom of my heart.  

John W. P Houston, Texas

 Clint and Mike, I do not know how to express my deep thanks for all you accomplished on my case. You two managed in 3 months to do what we had been unable to do in a year and a half. With all the information you gathered you were able to locate my daughter who had been taken out of state almost two years ago. Having you keep an eye on her for the time it took us to drive from Texas to Alabama made retrieving her so much easier. What a joyous reunion we had. My daughter also wanted me to tell you thank you from the bottom of her heart for helping her return to me. Thank you so much.

Susie P. Columbus, Georgia

 Clint, I just heard from my attorney and thanks to you I am elated. The report containing all the information and photographs you obtained was a lifesaver. My now ex-husband tried to deny the charges of adultery and he was totally unsuccessful in doing so. The photographs you were able to obtain stopped him in his tracks. Even though I changed attorneys mid-stream and this case dragged on for a long while you never seemed to get impatient with the starting and stopping of your investigation. I appreciate that I could contact you and Michael at any time made this process ever so much bearable. I really, really appreciate both your hard work and your friendship.

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