Your Trusted Private Investigator for Finding Evidence

Since 1988, I have established Watch Dog Investigations as a reliable business that provides professional investigation services to clients in Alabama and Georgia. I specialize in surveillance investigations to help find concrete evidence to support various cases including infidelity and observe a child’s well-being as part of a custody case. I use up-to-date equipment so that you can be assured that I can get the job done right and efficiently. 


Our private investigators have many years experience in these types of cases. The founder of our company has over 30 years as an investigator. In addition, our Senior Private Investigator has 21 years experience.

We Use the most up to date equipment and also old-fashioned footwork. Consequently, we are able to gather the information that our Clients need to gain the best outcome for their case. This quite often requires hours of covert surveillance and the use of various pieces of equipment. Here at Watchdog Investigations we excel at this type of investigation.